Best Voice Changer Software for Windows 2020


If you create content as a profession, you know how creative and mandatory Voice-over applications and voice changers are evolving technology. A Voice changer application distinctly changes the pitch and frequency of the Voice to change the Voice altogether. It’s widely used by the people of the internet on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

While using Facebook and streaming on youtube, and are present by default on short video making platforms. Though to produce a high-quality sound, one must be in a noise-free and good quality background. Below we’ll talk about some good quality and most used Voice changer applications available in the market.

Are you looking for a newer addition to create your content? Keep reading to find the six best Voice changing software applications for free.


Voxal voice changer is one of the best free voice changing applications available out there. The voice changing procedure doesn’t consume any time at all, and within no time, you can witness the output voice. Both free and premium versions are available; both work equally well.


It’s compatible with all the programs and devices. Gamers, You tubers, and other pro-level content creators can use this application for seamless and smoothest output. You can use this application during phone calls and voice chats as well to change the tone. Its user interface has user-friendly with great functionality.


  1. Voxal Voice offers a vast range of voices like alien type voice, woman, cartoon, and robot type voices in their libraries.
  2. It’s compatible with almost all the devices, which makes it a flexible application.
  3. The feature involves uploading and storing customized videos with a series of significant voice changes slowed in Voxal Voice.
  4. You can record a voice or stream with a vocal voice anytime and anywhere.


Morphvox is a free voice changing application software that allows you to change your Voice as per your personality. Your agent can be transformed into a woman’s Voice, little folk, or men’s vote. The software has inbuilt voices that you can choose to change your Voice into. It’s very well optimized for games, youtube videos, and many other things.


Many people use this application for a prank, calling their friends and relatives. This voice changer can even send out the sounds of car screeching and drum rolls within a few pushes of the button. This application works on the principle of the elementary notion of Human beings.


  1. Its free version is available for macOS, Windows, and its premium version is available for $39.99.
  2. MorphVox can change voices based on age, change agents from female-to-male and male-to-female, and generate various kinds of mixed voices together.
  3. Artificial background sounds can be added with raw and un-edited voice pitches.
  4. User Interface with hotkey enabled soundboard while editing.
  5. This application can be used while streamlining.


Voicemod is the best voice-changing soundboard for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX, with effects capable of converting Voice into a robotic agent. With installed modifier and transformer, the application can convert Voice into robotic, female, and girls online. It works great with games and chatting apps and integrates perfectly with stream deck and stream able OBS.


This application is relatively new and compatible with most chat tools, Skype, Facebook, Discord, and VRchat. This can be used with youtube life and Twitch Live. In-app purchases are also allowed with extra features, and it is more of a tool for gamers.


  1. It comes with a freemium license where the usage of the application comes with limited features. But for full access, you need to have access to the premium version.
  2. It works perfectly for online chatting, live streaming, and it syncs very well with all other applications due to its compatibility.
  3. Voice pitch morphine is used straightforwardly and is very simple to use
  4. Its libraries contain a woman’s Voice, kid’s Voice, men’s Voice, and robotic Voice.
  5. You can change the sound from the libraries every day, depending on your wishes and requirements.


AV voice changer is popularly known for its relaxed, high-tech looks and seamless functional features used for various purposes. Its purposes include gaming, live-streaming, video chatting, Voice chatting, phoning, and majority content creation. Many content creators use this Voice changing application for entertainment and educational purposes.


Its interface is very user-friendly, providing users with 2d graphical control and also with slide controls. It is used to change voices and tones and make audio books and audio messages as well. It’s well stuffed with libraries tuning in different pitches of votes, but there is also library support where you can download more voices and voice pitches.


  1. The user can exports mono files automatically where the recording and test recording buttons are readily available.
  2. It also has different voice enhancing and additional effects functions to improve the overall Voice changing process.
  3. This application has more than some voices in libraries that people can choose from and do wonder.
  4. Works best with keeping the system up to date and continuously adorn the voice files as per the need.
  5. Compatible with many applications like skype, Facebook, and you can record sounds from Discord.


The site does not precisely Voice changing software but has similar features to the software, as mentioned above, applications like changing the high tone pitch of the vote. For people struggling with low pitch volume, one can add a bass, and the one who has high bass can ultimately reduce their Voice.


This audio software application comes with a virtual audio device, or you can say I/O mix virtually to manage audio sources to any audio devices or applications. If you are a content creator or even a gamer live streaming, this will work correctly.


  1. This software application is free and works best for windows 7/8/10.
  2. It supports all audio devices and interfaces like MME, Direct-X, KS, WaveRT, and ASIO.
  3. It’s beneficial while playing games.
  4. Voices of a different kind can be mixed with music on skype and Google Voice.
  5. Make your audiobook, radio program, and live podcasts on your channel.


All in one voice changer, as the name depicts, is changing and editing multiple voices in one application. All in one changer can be used for various things like changing Voice in chats, calls, live streams, live calls, etc. This is one of the best available changers that can be paired up with other applications to change voices.


This is paired up with Skype and yahoo, and for the people who are not satisfied with skype voice, the changer can go with this application software. You can even pair this up with other third-party apps to make it work flexibly. It also works permanently with just paying 15 dollars. It offers a free trial on windows.


  1. All one voice changer app is the most straightforward app out of all.
  2. The control board has been provided with a user interface controlling various aspects of voice pitches.
  3. There are different preset voices set in the libraries for this application.


So, with face modifications and virtual technology evolving now and then, voice changing applications are making their way to the top. Voice changing applications are undoubtedly the most innovative creations of all time to convert your Voice into kids, women, or men’s—definitely, a go-to thing when experimenting with your primary content.

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