TEZ app is the most amazing UPI gateway ever witnessed by the people. It is popular for its simple and convenient mode of fund transfer and payments through the mobile app. Many people all over the worldwide are using this app significantly because they have faith in the first editing of this app. People believe that their funds will not get stuck through this app. Many people, merchants and retailers are using this app to make Instant payments to the people. If you are also seeking relevant information to this popular app, then here are some 10 best features of this app mentioned below.


1. Based on UPI

Based on UPI

The functionality of this application is based on the UPI payment system which is very secure and safe. This feature is very appreciated by the users who are using such kind of fund transfer application to make instant payments. NPCI is responsible for the development of this software or system in this application. And till the time it is running smoothly and hasn’t faced any complaint or bad configuration. If you want to make fund transfer, then you have to use this system, and it is mandatory by the system.

2. Made by google

Made by google

The most trusted part of this application is that it is made by none other than Google. Google has Diversified its services in many segments like video streaming, document-making and much more. This is one another application of Google which is helping in benefiting people in a great way. This application is all own By the Google itself then there are no chances That you will get the cheat. All the complainant issues are resolved by the in place of Google itself and hence the spectrum has created a diversified that form in the payments.

3. Mobile Recharge

Mobile Recharge

Apart from making just instant fun transfer, this application also offers many kinds of services. In which the recharge is one of them. If you want to recharge your mobile network or any kind of DTH service, then you can do it by the application itself. You don’t need to perform a serious and long task. There are separate options and icons given for each kind of service. You can easily recharge your mobile or DTH by just pressing the recharge option and then you have to enter the relevant details of your Mobile network and then you will be able to recharge your network.

4. Request money

Request money

Sometimes it is seen that many people are unable to make instant payment and then later they forget. To resolve this issue, Google has introduced a new feature which is known as for request money. In this option, you can put a reminder or request money option in the box of the other people chat box which will then remind them whenever they open it. That will be only a request sent to the other people mentioning the amount of money you are required. This is a very simple process to do.

5. Many bank account

Many bank account

You are not limited to the transfer of payments to only one bank account. It doesn’t matter what kind of bank account you are having and what kind of bank account the other people are having to which you need to transfer the fund. You just need to enter the correct details of the bank account of the other people, and then the application will automatically send the amount in the other people bank account. You just need to enter the beneficiary details at the first time of payment, and then in future, you will be able to send it by pressing on the profile.

6. Cash mode for nearby people

Cash mode for nearby people

It is seen that sometimes people don’t have phone numbers and they want to transfer the fund to the nearby people. To resolve this issue, Google has introduced a new feature of detecting nearby TEZ Application user which will identify by using the internet connection. Once you get to detect the other paper, then you can select the person who is there to receive money. After clicking on the profile of the person, you can easily transfer the desired fund To the other person in a very simple way.

7. Bill payments facility

Bill payments facility

There are a lot of monthly bills which a household faces. In the previous time, people have to visit the relevant office is to submit the bill amount. But after the revolution of digitalisation, all the payments gateway have open to these offices. Nowadays, people don’t have to visit the relevant offices to submit their monthly bills. They can do this online on their website. In this segment, Google has introduced a bill payment facility for these companies where you can do this easily by the application itself. You just need to enter the correct details and then you can initiate the payment.

8. Offers and rewards

Offers and rewards

There are a lot of other facilities in this Google application which offers you apart from just bill payments and mobile recharge. It is seen that people love to get cash-back and rewards whenever they do payments. To maintain this satisfaction of the people, Google has also introduced a reward function in this application which if you make payments above Rs.150 or Rs.500 then you will get coupons in which you will be able to win so many cash prices and offers for the shopping to popular brands.

9. Send money easily to contacts

Send money easily to contacts

This is another interesting feature in the Google TEZ application where you can easily send money to your contacts. It should be kept in mind that the user to whom you are sending the money must have a Google account or the TEZ Application installed in his or her phone in which he must have connected his bank account to the application. Then there will be no trouble to install the details account, transfer directly into a bank account just by contact number. In this we able to initiate the transfer the fund to die contact of your phone.

10. Free of cost

Free of costFree of cost

All these amazing and interesting features of this Google application are free of cost. You don’t need to pay any subscription charge on the need to buy any premium by giving any amount of money to Google. You can easily download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then you just need to install it in your phone. After this, you just need to connect to your bank account to this application. This is all that you have to do and you are ready to initiate or transfer the funds.


This application made by Google is very safe and secure. You can easily use this application because it is trusted and based on the UPI payment system Which is mandatory by the bank servers. Share or are your friends and family to use this app and you will get amazing rewards and benefits.      

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