Servers are too Busy, Please Try Again Later PUBG Error

The game that has made people go crazy for it also has a lot of issues!! As they say nothing in the world is perfect PubG has proved it right with the number of issues it is giving to the gamers out there. One of the most common issues that the game lovers face is of server down. 

Once I started being the part of the battleground and killing people for a chicken dinner, there was n turning back. But one of the most irritating and disappointing thing about PubG is the server issue. Half of the time you only get an error that says servers are too busy and you need to try again.

For God’s sake, the company needs to understand that the people are trying to log in and win their chickens; hence they should work on their servers or move them to some better hosting. There cannot be a worse turn off then getting all set in a mood to play the game, and the server is just not ready to let you in.

When I used to play this game on my mobile phone, everything used to look perfect with excellent graphics and surround sound along with my pals to kill those jerks out there and relish on the winning treat. But the moment I thought and shifted to my laptop, PubG became a headache for me. All you see in a circle loading in front of you for a right half an hour and says Servers are too busy, please try again. The message made me think that I am the most useless person on this planet trying to play a game when even the servers are rejecting me to enter their battlefields.

Jokes apart!!

If you are also the ones like me out there trying to be productive but PubG not responding then let us get to know this issue in detail.

Reasons Behind The Message Servers Are Too Busy

Here is a quick rundown of the reasons that made me understand why do I keep getting this message on my screen. Let us discuss some of them. Though I do know that the primary reason is that their servers are not working, but still there are a lot of other calculations that I tried and would love to share with the ones who are planning to quit the game:

Traffic From The Same Location

This is one of the most common reasons that the servers are not able to respond to your request. If you are getting the server not responding message, then there is a possibility that many people from the same location are playing the game.

You might be thinking that when so many people can play then why is PubG being partial to you. It is nothing like that, and the situation is that if you try to play during the weekends, then the servers are slow on those days as there are a lot of gamers out there playing to win their chicken dinners,

Server Under Maintenance

If you feel that you are getting this message too often, then please don’t be heartbroken as you are not alone in the race. The servers are under maintenance because the backend department is making some improvements or might be getting new updates ready for a better gaming experience.

Some of the updates will not be affecting the game, and you can download them quickly and get back to your team to kill and win. Hit the battleground when you are all set and rock it like a superstar.

Reset Your Modem

Another thing you can do to get the issue resolved is by reconnecting your modem. Though you might know that the problem is not from your end, there is no harm in trying it once. Who knows this might work for you and you can play the game. You can also want to figure out whether a small reset hole is found at the back of the modem that can be used even more efficiently to reset the modem. Fortunately, this succeeded to solve the problem on Steam Forums and the PUBG forums on all users.

Why Not Giving Your Proxy Settings A Try

Yes!! This can prove to be a blessing for you. Just try out changing your proxy settings, and you might get your problem resolved. We hope that you know how to change the proxy settings. If you do not know how to change them, then there is no need for creating a hue and cry and follow the steps given below:

Step1: go and click on your tool for the windows search. Don’t make faces and check for the magnifying glass on the left hand at the bottom of your screen. This is called the windows search. Now click on it and write Proxy.

Step2: wow!! You have won the half battle. Bravo!! Now click on the change proxy settings option, and again you need to click on the change proxy settings button.

Step3: well done!! Now on the page that is in front of your eyes, you will have to look for the option that says: automatic proxy setup and manual proxy setup. Now read carefully:

You need to set off both the settings that say: automatically detect settings under the automatic proxy setup option and use a proxy server under the proxy setup option. Understood!!

If you have done this, then take a deep breath and go and try to start your PubG again. If still, you are facing issues, then it is time to look for some other option to pass your time.

An Anti-Virus Software Might Be Stopping The Game To Load

I thought that only the curse of my mother could crash PubG on my system but never thought that my anti-virus is her best friend too. Try to remember if you have installed some anti-virus or spyware protection program, which may also prohibit Steam internet servers from communicating with your PC, even though it is well at preventing malware from impacting your Computer. An important anti-virus tech example of Norton, AVG, depending on their number of customers. AVG is actively doing so.

File Sharing Software

It would help if you saw that whether your system has some useful file-sharing software installed like skype. The thing is that this software is heavy, and they also take up the right amount of bandwidth, and this affects other parts of the system. If you feel that you do not need this software, then you can try out on uninstalling then and then trying to enter the game.

Try And Turn Off Your Firewall And Then Reconnect

As we are trying to find the root cause of why we can’t connect to the PUBG servers, the firewall is one of the primary applications that could potentially obstruct the central server.

This doesn’t suggest, in any way, that the firewall is worthless because it has its advantages. If the reason why the game can’t connect to the Servers is what I’m trying to suggest is that’s a reasonable excuse to turn it off. Furthermore, after you stop playing, you can switch it on again if you are nervous and it takes less than 10 minutes to switch it on or off.

Is There Any Solution To This Problem?

See the logic behind this is that there are a lot of servers in the world that support your requests for playing the game. If the server nearest to you is not able to respond for any reason, then your request is directed to the other one.

If you think that your server is the main culprit, then there are ways with the help of which you can bypass this issue.

Here are some quick steps that you can follow and get rid of this problem:

Step 1: log in to the game and check if you are getting connected or the same message is coming on the screen. Refresh and try at least 3-4 times. If you are not able to connect, then you need to follow the second step.

Step2: when you are not able to connect then you must click on the globe icon. This icon is present on the right-hand side of your screen. The moment you click on the globe, it will show you a drop-down of various servers from different locations.

You can change your server and try to login again. Do keep in mind that this is going to work only if you have the local server overcrowded. If your local server is idle, but you are having some issues, then this might not be the right solution for you.


To cut short and make you understand in a clear language, we offered the best solutions. But the truth is that there are no solutions to the issues where the servers are under maintenance or are facing issues. But if you think that the problems are due to the server overload, then you can try the above-mentioned steps and get your issues resolved.

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