Pokemon games in order of chronological

Pokémon game has set up extreme popularity among the kids. Japan has released its first game in 1996 in the Pokémon series which was known as the red and green Pokémon game. Since then, the popularity is increasing day by day among the kids. The Pokémon series is not limited to its games but it also put its steps into the television show Which was the major reason why it got its popularity in so much less time. In this article, we have prepared a list of Pokémon games in the chronological order which will help you to go through the development Pokémon Game.

1. Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue

Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue

Platform: Game Boy

Release Date: February 27, 1996

This game was exclusively released day in Japan-only in the name of Pokémon red and green after which the blue game was also released in a short period. There are said to be almost 151 Characters of Pokémon in the game which are specified to introduce training and battling of the Pokémon in the game. Also, there were options to capture these Pokémons in the game. Once you start playing such a game, you will not be able to divert your mind from playing this game again and again. The please game got famous in very less time.

2. Pokémon Red and Blue

Pokémon Red and Blue

Platform: Game Boy

Release Date: September 28, 1998

After the release of the first game in Japan, Nintendo released its revamped Version in the US just after two years in the name of Pokémon red and blue. In this version of Pokémon red and blue, the original version of Green which was released in Japan Japan was not released in the US. These games made a trend in the people of all ages even if they haven’t played such kind of video games before. It made a phenomenal which is attached to many people in Japan and the US by that time.

3. Pokémon Yellow

 Pokémon Yellow

Release Date: October 19, 1999

Just after the one year of the release of Pokémon Red and blue game in the US, in 1999 Pokémon yellow also came into the market. All the gamers in the gaming community were so happy this time because they are about to get a new version of Pokémon which was then known as special Pikachu edition. In this game, players were allowed to explore the Kanto region Where the Pikachu is featured to follow the leader outside the fields. This was an Official start in the new release strategy.

4. Pokémon Gold and Silver

Pokémon Gold and Silver

Platform: Game Boy Color

Release Date: October 15, 2000

It is the second generation game in the Pokémon series. There is a hardware capability in the game Which allows the Pokémon to attain, grab or utilise a wider colour palette in the game. There is no more to explore in the game which you can collect and also there is more number of gyms in the game which were earlier not available in the previous games. Where is also the introduction of new hundred Pokémon‘s in the game which will love playing?

5. Pokémon Crystal

Pokémon Crystal

Platform: Game Boy Colour

Release Date: July 29, 2001

A whole new feature was uploaded in this game series where the players are allowed to change the gender of their Pokémon. It was a beautiful feature in all the gamers of the gaming community loved this concept as this was the first time in the history of Pokémon game where such kind of feature was introduced. Also, the animated Pokémon Sprits were introduced in the game to level up the popularity of this game.

6. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Release Date: March 19, 2003

This game is considered to be the third generation game which came with lots of features and specifications in the game. New graphics send user interface was introduced in this game. There were 135 new characters of the Pokémon were introduced in this game. Apart from the new characters, a whole new environmental Details were also added in the game to level up the visual experiences to every gamer. This environmental change was not added in the previous games. The new fighting battle concept was introduced as the Pokémon‘s will now fight two versus two in the game.

7. Pokémon Emerald

 Pokémon Emerald

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Release Date: May 1, 2005

It was a long break up two years when this game came into light. Gamers were expecting some exciting features and changes in the graphics after the release of Pokémon Ruby and sapphire game. And the same happened in this game part of the series. In this game, the players were allowed to battle with the other amazing trainers in exchange for the battle points they used to win in the game.

8. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Platform: Nintendo DS

Release Date: April 22, 2007

This diamond version of the Pokémon series is popularly known for its unique concept that came under the generation four. The fans of this game Waited for over four years. This is the longest way Pokémon game lover ever witnessed in history. This long time was due to the development of the game which could be run on The dual-screen functionality. All new 107 characters of the Pokémon were added in this game.

9. Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Platinum

Platform: Nintendo DS

Release Date: March 22, 2009

In this Pokémon game, the upgraded Pokémon are introduced with developed powers and much more. This time the Pokémon game series has encountered a different Dimension Where a new popular Pokémon was found which was named as Giratina. It also added some new Pokémon with some legendary skills and techniques. Players would love to play this game.

10. Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black and White

Platform: Nintendo DS

Release Date: March 6, 2011

this game came in the fifth generation of the Pokémon series. All new 156 characters The the Pokémon were introduced in this game. In this game, the new challenge was to defeat all other eight gym players in the game before competing with the four elite players of the game. New battle styles and Pokémon with unique abilities were also introduced. Trainers are now more capable of in handling the Pokémon with new abilities and technIques.    


All the game parts introduced new techniques and abilities of the Pokémon along with the up-gradation of the game. All-new graphics and user interface were introduced with the need of time. Players of the gaming community started loving this game very much and this game got its popularity in less time. Every time the game introduced new characteristics of Pokémon and also upgraded their skills and techniques in the game to win the game.

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