Top 8 Best Picture to Cartoon Apps

Cartoons have been an indelible part of our youth. Our younger days’ memories seldom bring about a wave of nostalgia, filled with wonder and vitality. Only to be fulfilled by going back to our favorite TV series, like Tom & Jerry, Popeye The Sailorman, The Looney Tunes Show, you name it! All those memories from the time long passed can make you envision the possibility of turning yourself into a cartoon character and jump right into the television screen. Although the latter seems somewhat dubious, turning yourself into a cartoon is possible today!

In this time and age, phone applications can add various effects, apply specific filters, and remodel your image radically so that you can fulfill your childhood desire to see yourself become a cartoon persona. In this article, we will journey through the Top 8 best picture to cartoon apps that you can download to caricature yourself the way you always wanted to!

This image is a side by side comparison of a picture before and after using a Picture to Cartoon App.

Top 8 Best Picture to Cartoon Apps 2020

1. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Pictures app is a popular cartoon maker app available for both iOS and Android users. Right after downloading the app, you can quickly turn your photo into a sketch, a drawing, or a Blank n’ White cartoon with its help. Although it is a prerequisite to have an internet connection on your device while using this app, it is highly user-friendly. 

You can select your picture from the phone gallery or capture one directly with the in-app camera for faster editing. Usually the entire process is completed within a few seconds, that too, in high resolution. After wrapping up your editing session, this app has a “Quick Share” button for you to post it on your social media site. Overall, Cartoon Pictures is a great photo editor app for various art filters, sketch styles, cartoon effects and artwork

2. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is an image editor app that generates astounding photo effects by remodeling your photos into life-like paintings, sketches, etc. Using Prisma’s in-app filters, you can make your capture look as if it were made from professional artists right from the Renaissance period! This app has one of the largest collections of diverse art styles in the library, having more than fifty different filters and three hundred art styles.  

Furthermore, a new filter is uploaded every day as the older ones are removed. Moreover, Prisma has an active online community where creators share their artwork daily. This app enables you to enhance your results further using its intelligent AI Image Enhancement Tools after applying your preferred filters.

3. Deep Art Effects – AI Art Filter

Deep Art Effects is an artificially intelligent enhancement tool that modifies stock photos and video clips into beautiful, appealing exquisite art pieces. It can turn any image into a high-quality art masterpiece in just three steps. You are to choose the picture/video you wish to use, select a filter, and be all done! The entire process is user friendly and does not require any prior experience or training to use the software at its prime.

All you need to do is to select a picture and desired format; the app will take care of everything else in between. App users have an artistic view of their image, which they wish to promote on social media. This app can turn any photo or video clip into works of art! 

4. Avatoon – IdeaLabs

Avatoon allows you to create an avatar that portrays your personality accurately with its photo editing tools. Such custom avatars are much more creative than conventional selfies. The avatar creator helps you stand out from the masses while still being your true self. This app not only generates a unique cartoon but also permits you to design emojis and stickers.   

Avatoon equips users with editing tools to easily customize their avatars from top to bottom; everything can easily get customized to make sure your avatar looks like the way you do. Avatoon is a terrific way to portray your skills to the world. Thousands of different customization options allows your personality to be displayed perfectly! With a cute cartoon, you will be expressing yourself in a fun and creative manner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The image above is a sample showing two people before and after using a photo to cartoon application.

5. Sketch Master – Cartoon Art

Sketch Master – Cartoon Art is an excellent app for cartoon sketch filters & image editing. Equipped with a unique collection of various sketch options and cartoon effects. You can also create some incredible pop art, cartoon movie style, pencil sketches, oil paintings, and various other things all in one single app. It is a very user-friendly professional app that helps an individual to convert their pictures into fantastic pencil portraits. 

With the variety of unique filters available in-app such as modern art, pop art tool and doodles you too can become professional artist by editing your pictures into incredible pieces of art!. Hence, without a doubt, Sketch Master – Cartoon Art is one of the best sketch photo apps you will be able to find in the market.

6. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

The MomentCam smartphone application allows you to make hilarious cartoons and emojis generated right from your pictures. Select an image from your gallery and instantly create your brand new customizable avatar. The app then allows you to pick a background from the hundreds available in-app to customize your caricature.

The backgrounds are updated daily with the “MojiWorld” feature for each season, occasion, festival, region, culture, and other selectable preferences. You can also create your self-made emoticons to express your mood as humorously and creatively as possible. Furthermore, the app has a rewarding online community where you can participate in daily activities to win prizes for sharing your creativity!

7. Comika- Comics and cartoon maker

Comika is a free, user-friendly application that can turn photos into comics or cartoons. You can select any picture from your gallery or take a brand new one through the app. You may add speech balloons to attain an even more convincing “comic effect” after choosing your filter. This Comika- Comics and Cartoon Maker app is designed to be easy to use, and its simple design guarantees excellent user experience. 

Additionally, this app runs lightly utilising low computing power, even with the low-performance ratings of older smartphones won’t have problems with it. Comika can also be used as a meme generator. Adding speech balloons in pictures is made possible by a couple of swipes and a touch of creativity.

8. ArtistA Cartoon

ArtistA Cartoon- This app is curated by various painters, incredible cartoonists, professional photographers, and art enthusiasts at the Lyrebird Studio. This Sketch Filter is one of the best picture editors incorporating diverse art filters, cartoon effects, sketch styles, and many more. It supports editing, adding artistic effects such as pop art, oil painting effect, and cartoon effect. You can manually apply art filters, make collages, sketches, use prism effect, caricature & cartoon drawing, and canvas photos. 

The necessary condition of the program is an active Internet connection since the editing is done in real-time. After selecting the filter in the application, the process of transformation of a photograph (selfie, portrait, landscape, and other) takes only about ten seconds. After using the filter, you can correct the resulting image by modifying parameters such as color, exposition, contrast, brightness, saturation, gamma, sharpness, vignette, and shadow done by moving the slider to the desired position. These are a few of the various features this photo to cartoon editor app has to provide!


In our opinion, Cartoon Pictures- Cartoon Photo Editor is the best out of all picture to cartoon applications available on both android and iOS platforms. Although the Prisma has been losing popularity in the last few years, it still offers fast image editing processors with a bunch of unique effects. While other apps take a few minutes to generate cartoons, Prisma using its signature cloud technology gets you the desired result almost instantly.

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