13 Naughty, Flirty & Fun Texting Games to Play With Girlfriend In 2020

With this era of a short life, it becomes very hectic to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. All you can think of is your deadlines, sales, marketing, and your presentations. The generation today is focussed on making their career, and this hampers their personal relationships.

When you only have work on your mind, it becomes tedious and tiring, and spending time with your girlfriend can prove to be a good refresher. Being in long-distance relationships is a common thing these days, but how can you keep the spark alive.

No!! you do not need any mobile app for that. All you need is your creativity, with the help of which even simple texting games can prove to be good fun and rejuvenating time.

Although some flirtatious games help you get closer to your mate, some are just the best way to get to know your partner.

You need to make sure that you spend time with the person you want to know and understand. But time is the only thing that the generation of today lacks. Hence here are some games that you can play with your partner can get to know them better.

You’ll have an excellent time, and get ready for your friendship with these flirting games to play with your crush. This article covers any enjoyable and entertaining game you can play and have a great time with your girlfriend.

Naughty And Flirty Games To Play With Your Partner

Hers is a quick rundown of some of the best ideas of games that you can play with your partner and have a gala time together:

Strip up

Now, this is one of the most common games that many of you might have played with your partners too. The rules of the games are that you need to ask questions related to you both, like where you guys met for the first time? Or what is your favorite dish? The one who answers the right answer is safe, but the one who answered it wrong has to take off a piece of cloth that they are wearing. Thing is a fun game and can turn into a passionate one slowly.

What if 

Now this one is an excellent option to play and relax. All you need is to give her a situation and ask what if she is in that particular situation, then how is she going to react. The question needs to start with what if along with a problem. This can become a real horny game as you keep on increasing the level of your questions

 Movie lines

Now moving on to our third option is the movie lines game. You need to ask lines from Hollywood or Bollywood movies, and your partner has to guess the name of the film. You guys can make it more interesting by deciding punishments for the one who answers it wrong.

Marry, kiss and kill game

It would help if you played it in text format. It is a classic game that can lighten up your mood. You should think of any three people and inquire who they want to kill, kiss, or marry. These three characters, maybe their favorite actors or even lovely people. This game can be made into enjoyable games as you make great choices for your mate. Let it pick from her or your office associate or social network to make your game a fun location.

20 Questions

Now this one is a great game to know each other better. You need to ask each other 20 questions, and they have to answer in only yes or no form. You can also play it in another way round. Like give her a situation and make her think of something related to that, and you come up with the answer. Like if she is in an ice cream parlor: ask which flavor she wants to try etc.

I Spy

Next on our list is the I spy game. The game rules are that you need to give your girlfriend clues of where you are, and she has to guess the place. It goes as you tell her I am near a huge rock, so she gets an idea that you are near a mountain or a huge rock can also represent a diamond you plan to buy for her. Give her limited clues and be as weird as you can. Let her think of absurd situations. This can prove to be an excellent full time for both of you to enjoy.

Emoji talking

Games containing emojis are familiar where film titles or food products must be described. But what if you are chatting emoji with your partner. Hop to be creative and joke with your partner, from the animals to firecrackers and smileys. You will make this text game more fun with a date by arranging a date with how the other person correctly mistakes your emoji reply.

Personal trivia

Now, this one is a must-play with your partner if you want to know more about her. Ask her questions about her but make sure you do not make her feel like taking her interview. Be creative with your questions and give her a chance to speak and express herself. This way, you can explore the unexplored parts of her life and get to know her in a better way. Also, do keep in mind that you are not supposed to overreact if she ends up spilling some hidden secrets of her life in front of you.

Song lyrics

Though it might sound to be a bit too cheesy, it is a great game. It would help if you expressed your feeling by singing the line of a song. You can also describe what you are doing by singing any particular song and make her understand your correct situation.

Abbreviate Everything And Confuse Her To The Core

Let’s get funny and try to make her confused with what you are trying to say. This can test her smartness and how quick she is to guess what you are trying to say. You start your chat with your bae in this game and abbreviate your responses when you start playing. You should be fun, playful, and even annoy her as she wants to grasp what you’re up to. As when she says, for example, what are you doing? You may abbreviate your comment- I am in IITB ‘s bathroom. Let her hack this shortcut and learn to code hers too.


Now this one can get horny and intimate. Just give a situation and a character to your girlfriend and tell her to narrate a horny story. This can be wild, full of intense emotions, and also can bring out your secret desires. It can also help you out in opening up with your lady love without feeling uncomfortable. You both can also be a part of the story and join links and connect.

Never have I ever

Almost everyone has played this game with our friends. Now you can try out this game with your girlfriend and get to know her more. Just keep it to the game and do not get over-excited if she answers some of the questions in the way that you were not expecting. Remember, you are not here to dig her past, but the games are being played to build a connection and enjoy the time.

Reversed Writing

If you are getting bored and want to have some fun, this can be a great game for you to play with your girlfriend. Just write something in a revered order and let her guess what you are trying to speak. Be weird and bring out your wild thought on the message and enjoy the game with some funny moments.


Life can turn out to be very boring if you do not keep the spark burning. The same way your relationships can lose the charm if you do not give time to them. It is said that relations are like plants, and you need to nurture them with love. No matter how busy you are, you need to take time out for your girlfriend and make her feel special and loved. After all, you both entered this relationship with acceptance, and no one forced you to be with each other. Then it is your responsibility to keep it going.

These were some light games that you can enjoy with your girlfriend and have a great time. No matter if you guys are in a long-distance relationship or cannot meet each other, these simple games can make you know each other and let you guys connect.

Please keep in mind that these are just games and do not let your emotions come in the way that you start blaming each other if some of the games bring out some hidden secrets. Play them with a light heart and let the emotions sink in.

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