How to Download & Install – iMessage on Windows 10

What is iMessage?

Apple has a fantastic platform for both their apps and OS. Android users don’t have that kind of luxury on their platform, plus the user privacy of Apple is far better than what Android provides you. So, people, these days keep asking me about how they can use the iMessage on the Android platform. They also want to enjoy their unique features like bubble effects, camera effects, and user-friendly expressions. You can also send handwritten messages all of this provided with a full end to end data encryption. 

As you would have already guessed, the simple SMS facility that Android provides does not have such features, which is why android users are craving for this feature.   

Can you get iMessage on Android?

There are some alternatives that you can get iMessage on Android. But truth be told, you won’t get the feeling of what it feels to use iMessage on an Apple device. So if you ask me, on Android, you already have many apps for messaging, and going all through that hard work to get this app working on your device doesn’t make any sense. However, if you are using Windows, you might benefit from using iMessage on your operating system.

So let me get you through how you can use iMessage on Windows and what features it will provide you.

Getting iMessage on Windows platform

Here we’ll show you how you will download iMessage on Windows 10.

Method – 1 Use of Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1 — Go to your chrome browser and install Chrome Remote Desktop extension to your chrome browser. 

Step 2 — Then, you need to launch the app.

Step 3 — Now go to your Mac and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host there.

Step 4 — Once the installation is complete, set the other screen’s security pin or password on windows. 

Step 5 — Now go back to your windows and find the remote Mac in chrome and then click on start sharing.

This method lets you access or uses iMessage using a remote desktop that works on Windows 10.

Method – 2 Using iMessage through Bluestacks

Since iMessage doesn’t have any platform to work on other than iOS, getting it on windows using Bluestacks is a common trick for most users these days. 

Step 1 — Install the newest version of Bluestacks Emulator on your PC

Step 2 —  Once it’s done, run the emulator. 

Step 3 — Inside the search box, type iMessage, and then press enter, and you’ll be headed to the App store where you can download it easily.

Step 4 — Once the downloading is complete, install, and then set it up on Bluestacks according to your need.

Now you will have all the features of iMessage that an iPhone OS user gets.

Method 3 – iPadian 

iPadian is a simulator and is one of the best available in the market to get iPhone experience on windows pc. There are two variants available; the first one is simple and free of cost. The other one is a premium one, and you have to buy it to use its features on your PC.

Step 1 — Get an iPadian emulator for your pc from its official website and download the emulator. 

Step 2 — After downloading, run it and go through all that installation process and set it up according to your needs. 

Step 3 — Once the installation is done, type, and enter iMessage in the search bar.

Step 4 — Once results are found, click on it and download it, and then all you need to do is set it up. 

Method 4 – Cydia 

This method can be tricky for those who don’t know much about this app. So if you want to use iMessage on your Windows, my first recommendation will be to know about this app and see some videos on youtube on how to use it. This app is mostly used to jailbreak iOS devices like the iPhone. You would not be required to jailbreak your iPhone. Just follow the steps below to use iMessage on Windows.

Step 1 — Get Cydia downloaded on your Pc. It also comes with an app store on your phone so open it there.

Step 2 — Open this app on your iPhone and then search for Remote messages.

Step 3 —  As you have already downloaded it on your pc, open Cydia and then head to the settings and search for remote messages. Then a window with a user authentication option will appear and enable it.

Step 4 —  Then create your username and password and ensure both the iOS and the PC are connected to the same wi-fi.

Step 5 — Open your Pc browser and enter the IP address(you will find it below the enable tab).

Step 6 — After that, the windows prompt with username and password will appear, and you have to fill those. 

Step 7 — After that, the setup is complete, and you are ready to use iMessage on Windows Pc.

You can also check some of the videos on youtube to help you set up the iMessage on Windows.


Now you might be wondering why you need to go through all of that process to get just one app to function. The answer for you is simply put, Apple has a very secure platform for its users, and that’s why those who have privacy issues tend to use Apple iPhone or even Mac Os to keep their privacy protected. 

Overall, the iMessage for Apple users is different from what Android users are used to due to its features and user experience level. Finally, all I have to say is that no matter what you do, using iMessage on Apple iPhones has its ranks and can’t be compared to what you’ll get on windows. We hope this article aided you with what you were looking for, specifically. Indeed, you can surf the internet for more details on this topic.    

 What does it mean to Jailbreak your iOS device?

Jailbreaking is replacing the existing iOS software with a new operating system that provides more flexibility and makes it more compatible with certain apps that you couldn’t access before. This way, you can alter your iDevice’s looks and get to use a ton of custom apps, tweaks, and add-ons that are not available in the App Store. This method gives you the customization Android users are blessed with. 


It is not recommended to jailbreak your iPhones or other devices. Jailbreaking immediately voids your warranty as well as any purchased AppleCare+. Furthermore, you run the risk of “bricking” your device, encountering many bugs, and a high risk of security breaches and planted malware.


There are likewise numerous advantages for those willing to take the risk and are prepared to take the jailbreaking jump. Jailbroken iPhones can approach the Cydia app, an option in contrast to Apple’s Application Store for “jailbroken” iDevices. Cydia isn’t accessible in the application store. Instead, it’s introduced on your iPhone utilizing a “jailbreaking” apparatus, like Pangu, TaiG, and others. 

Jailbreaking permits you to alter your iPhone; however, you would prefer ultimately and even download applications that Apple at present restricts. This jailbreaking incorporates altering your lock screen, setting your default applications, and modifying the control place, including adjustments to the user interface. According to the UI, contact ID or 3D Contact in any event, for more seasoned gadgets, and take alternate routes and different changes. What’s more, jailbreaking your iPhone or another iDevice gives you admittance to iMessage over all devices. 

Instructions to Jailbreak your iPhone or another iDevice 

Before you consider jailbreaking your iPhone, ensure you play out your present iDevice’s backup, ideally at two places (cloud-based and local). When you have backed up your device, the best practice is to re-establish your iDevice utilizing iTunes, and having your iDevice clean yields better outcomes with the jailbreak. The subsequent stage is downloading the jailbreaking programming onto your PC, Windows, or Macintosh. Run the product and follow the means to travel through the escape cycle. 

Next, you have to buy an Application called “Remote Messages.” With this application, iMessage is accessible to you online for a wide range of gadgets and PCs, including Windows. It would be best if you gave validation accreditations and afterward utilize your iPhone’s IP address on the program, trailed by numeric code 333. Afterword, you are needed to sign in to have full admittance to iMessages.

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