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NETFLIX is something that everybody knows and uses. From teenagers to adults, from Indian content to Spanish content, Netflix gives its users access to an uncountable number of shows. The shows present on Netflix display a very high level of image resolution and have excellent and high-standard content. The Netflix subscriptions come quite expensive, and people want to make the most of it.  

At times, due to the connectivity issues or the network discrepancies, it gets difficult for viewers to access Netflix. However, all the errors occurring on Netflix are not concerning the connectivity or network but also include the internal issues in the application.

When people don’t know how to solve such minor problems, they start losing patience and call engineers or executives via call and discuss the issue. Such processes can be tedious and time-consuming. One of the common problems registered over Netflix is M7111-1931-404.

However, if you don’t know about this issue, this article is all you need. This article is to outline the various facts related to M7111-1931-404, its solutions, its causes, etc.

There are four different causes of the occurrence of M7111-1931-404. These causes disrupt the telecasting and playing of the application. Initially, there were complaints about the event of disruption on PCs only, but now they have occurred in mobile phones, tablets, televisions, etc.

The causes of the possibility of M7111-1931-404 are as follows:

  1. The meddling in the streaming could be due to the VEE-HD extension – In Google Chrome, there’s a sure augmentation known to bring issues with Netflix’s web-based feature. On the off chance that you acquire the extension named VEE-HD , the fix may be as necessary as the deletion of the extension. 
  2. Ad-block is keeping the program from getting content – A ton of clients experiencing this specific mistake have revealed that the error was resolved after they eliminated the Ad-block expansion from their PC. 
  3. The extensions (side-loaded) have brought troubles  – There are a few Netflix programs or extensions (that must be side-loaded) which are done working after an ongoing update. 
  4. Netflix functioning levels are low in your general vicinity – This specific issue can likewise happen because of a technical issue experienced by a Netflix worker utilized in your general vicinity. 

In case you’re experiencing the M7111-1931-404 numeric code when attempting to stream a serial or soap opera on Netflix, the fixes beneath might help. Underneath you have an assortment of strategies that different clients in a comparable circumstance have used to get the error settled.

For the thriving outcomes, follow the procedure altogether (just those relevant) until you discover a fix successful for your specific situation.

There are four different strategies or methods to fix the error (M7111-1931-404). These strategies are very simple and can be carried forward by anyone and everyone. No special technical skills are required to resolve such minimal errors. The four different methods of correction are as follows:

Here are the steps: HOW TO FIX M7111-1931-404 NETFLIX ERROR


The first strategy is concerning the removal of VEEHD named extension present on Netflix. In many instances, its removal also leads to the solution of error within seconds and countable easy steps. The steps required to be followed are:

  • Open Google Chrome and then type “chrome://extensions/” in the navigation bar present at the top and then allow it to begin the search by pressing Enter
  • In order to have a look at all the options, the rundown of extensions can be availed by scrolling. Then click the “Remove button” related to VeeHD Enhanced. 
  • After this, you have to click “Yes” at the following brief in order to affirm the uninstallation of the selected extension (in this case that is VEE-HD extension). 
  • “Restart or Refresh” your Google Chrome program and check whether the error appearing has been settled.


The second method concerns the disabling of the AD-BLOCK extension present over Netflix. For many users, just the removal of VEE-HD doesn’t result in desirable results so they can go for this second method. The steps included in this strategy are:

  • Open Google Chrome and then type “chrome://expansions/” in the navigation bar and then press Enter to open the Extensions tab. 
  • In the Extension tab, scroll through the list of Extensions available and find “Ad-block” (or “Ad-block Plus”). 
  • Now if you want to disable any of the extension for a particular period temporarily, then you can go to the option or the button present in the base right corner of the posting. If you need to eliminate it for good, click the “Remove catch” and afterwards click “Yes” to confirm and continue. 
  • When the extension has been uninstalled, “close and start your program again” and check whether the error has been settled. 

In case you’re still observing the M7111-1931-404 mistake, in your Netflix application on any of your gadgets, you can descend to the following technique beneath.


A few clients in a comparative circumstance have announced that the issue was fixed after they eliminated the side-loaded augmentation and restarted Google Chrome. You ought to do likewise. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this: 

  • Open Google Chrome and then type “chrome://expansions/” in the navigation bar present at the top of the webpage and then press “Enter” to continue with the procedure. 
  • Now to find all the available options, one needs to go through the rundown of extensions and snap the “Remove button” related to the augmentation that you beforehand side-loaded. 
  • At that point, select and snap “Yes” at the following brief to provide the affirmation to the removal of installation of side-loaded boost.

Now if after all these three methods if the issue is still not resolved people can opt for a generic look on their social media handles to know if they are the only ones facing it or there are others too.


Remember that the M7111-1931-404 mistake code was additionally detailed by a ton of clients in circumstances where the Netflix real-time feature was down in their general vicinity. These cases are incredibly uncommon; however, since you’ve come this far without an outcome, it merits an attempt.

A decent spot to check if Netflix workers are down is on their Twitter account. If there’s no information there, you can check whether different clients are having a similar issue by checking the Netflix status page.

These were the set of causes of the M7111-1931-404 error on Netflix and various strategies or methods to fix them. People often have lots of doubts concerning the errors or overall running and functioning of Netflix. This article includes specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that have been asked by users.


  1. Do the numeric code errors occur only on mobile phones or Personal Computers while surfing Netflix?

Answer: The numeric code errors of Netflix were initially prevalent in Personal Computers, but as of now, these errors are found while surfing Netflix on mobile phones, televisions, and laptops.

2. Are the numeric code errors of Netflix complicated and require expert guidance?

Answer: The solutions to the errors occurring on Netflix are pretty simple any person with basic knowledge and ideas of computers, and the web can quickly deal with them. There are several steps to deal with the errors based on their ease people can carry forward the method of their choice.

3. Can a person with lesser technical knowledge quickly sort the code errors occurring on Netflix?

Answer: Any person with the basic idea of using and surfing the Internet and go forward with the specific steps to deal with the numeric code errors. Also, if there is any difficulty in moving forward with these techniques, people can refer and contact the customer service desk of Netflix and understand things.

4. How long does it usually take to overcome the numeric code errors on Netflix?

Answer: If the steps mentioned above are ideally carried forward by the user, they would be able to witness the result within seconds. The steps function very fast, and Netflix gets restored to the usual.

5. Would there be any difference in surfing Netflix before the numeric code occurred and after it is resolved?

Answer : No, once the process is carried out successfully, and the required changes are witnessed the Netflix would just in the same way it functioned before. No changes in the interface or the quality of the video have been observed after the errors have been resolved.


The occurrence of errors on Netflix is a fundamental and relatively standard procedure. At times people get nervous and confused and start worrying about their Netflix accounts. They feel their accounts have been seized or have got corrupt. So people need to stay relaxed in such situations as Netflix is itself a much secured channel, and it provides 100% security to its users. The safety and security of the accounts of the users is the prime motive of such companies, and they wouldn’t let anything hinder that. People should follow these sets of simple steps, and the solutions lie in their front.  

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