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How to Fix PUBG Buildings Not Loading Issue:

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Are you a PUBG player and facing problems with the loading of buildings? Did you lose any time due to this problem?

Everyone dreams of winning the game every match and it could be possible only with proper gameplay and better Graphics. So we have mentioned some reasons and the process to fix them to have better gameplay.

Many PUBG players are reporting this problem that they are facing trouble while playing the game. The building appears greyish and they are unable to enter the building and due to this they don’t get the opportunity to get weapons and other equipment or they can’t hide them from the enemies and face defeat.

Reason for this issue:

PUBG is not a game that you can play on any smartphone. It is a big size game which requires a lot of space on your device. Many reasons can cause this cause; it might be your RAM problem or the game is not installed properly and many other factors are responsible for this. These factors can be fixed using some techniques such as restarting the game or restarting the mobile.

Some of the factors are:

•             Lack of storage in the phone

•             Outdated graphics

•             Bugs in the game

•             Corrupt files

•             Usage of Background Applications

•             Low internet speed

loading PUBG mobile buldding

How to fix this issue:

1. Moving the game to SSD (Solid State Drive): You can move your game in SSD to solve the building not loading issue. If you don’t want to re-install your game then this is a good way to solve the issue. You can use Stream or Mini Tool Partition Wizard to transfer your game to SSD. When a game is transferred to the SSD it improves the speed issue and graphic issues of the game. Playing games on SSD is better than playing on the hard drives. This helps if you don’t want to reinstall the game. So transferring all the data related to PUBG to SSD helps in fixing the issue.

2. Increasing your RAM: PUBG is not a game that you can play on a device of just 2 GB RAM. Games like PUBG requires a lot of RAM in your device. Playing PUBG on a low RAM device may lead to the crashing of the game as well as the phone. So better use a device with good storage or RAM. Your phone should be a minimum of 4 GB to have an uninterrupted experience of the game. If you want to fix the building not loading issues then check your RAM is sufficient for the game or not. If it is sufficient then there is no need to increase RAM but if not you have to increase the RAM of your PC. Increasing the RAM is not a big deal now; you can easily do it on your own. You can take a RAM stick and install it on your computer and enjoy your game with no issue.

If this is not possible for you to do then you should uninstall PUBG and install PUBG lite instead.

3. Increase virtual memory: Increasing Virtual memory is a way to increase memory in your device virtually. How to do that? Don’t worry, ill tell you.

PUBG mobile lag fixing

Open search by pressing Window+S, now search advanced system settings. After that click on View advanced system settings and go to System properties.

Click on the Advanced Tab and a list of few sections will appear, click on the Settings button on the performance section.

A popup menu will appear, now go to the section of Virtual Memory section and click Change.

A check-box named Automatically manage paging file size for all drives will appear, uncheck it, and then click on the Custom size. Set the Initial and Maximum size MB at 8000 then click set.

Now your virtual memory is increased.

4. Pre-Rendering the game: If you are playing PUBG on PC or Laptop then read it carefully. You have to fix this issue before landing on the ground or just after the jump from the plane.

What you have to do is, you have to press the key ‘W’ until the parachute is opened. Once the parachute is opened you have to press ‘Tab’ (keep pressing the W key). Once you press W+Tab inventory will be opened and your fall will be paused. After a few seconds of the pause resume your fall. This process will fix the issue and the building will appear as it should appear which increases the gameplay of the game.

PUBG mobile lag fix

5. Reinstalling the game: If any of the above methods does not work it means there are some bugs in the game on your device. You can update the game if it is available and if not then there is no other option available then uninstalling it and installing it again. And make sure you are installing the updated version. Uninstalling the game does not means deleting your account. You can open your account again by logging in to the game with your Gmail or Facebook ID. Reinstalling the game and changing the graphic setting that supports your device helps in fixing the issue.

pubg lite

6. Closing all the background apps:- Apps that are being used in the background consume data which results in this problem. Hence closing all the background apps and restarting the game may help in fixing this issue. Closing the background apps boosts the performance of the device. Background applications such as WhatsApp and other social media applications consumer data and it lower the network speed which leads to glitch and it also consumes more battery power. So closing all the background apps help in fixing this issue.

7. Making sure that the device is connected with the proper network connection. Slow or interrupted network connection leads to this problem hence having a proper network connection might fix this issue. The slow network connection can lead to glitches which affect the gameplay very badly. This could be fixed by changing the network connection or contacting the network providers and requesting them for a better network connection. Make sure that the network isn’t being used by any other applications.

Final talk:

The gaming experience is not satisfied without proper graphics. PUBG is a big size game, hence it requires a lot of things like updated graphic cards, good RAM, an updated version of the game itself, and many more. Before installing such a huge size game you should always check what does the game demand from your device for a smoothening gaming experience. Everyone wants to have smooth gameplay with which one could enjoy the game and play well. Everyone wants to get the chicken dinner and it could be possible only by having good gameplay and better graphics. Hope this article helps in solving the building issue.

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