Best Fast Charging Apps For Android Device


To be fast is the new trend of this era and we love to finish our work the fastest way possible so that we can utilize the leftover time for something else. As mobile becomes an indispensable thing for our survival and we need it most of the time in a day to finish our different sets of a task, hence it becomes spiny for us to embezzle much of the time for charging the device.

Here, comes the consideration of a “fast charging Application” for your android devices. However, all the fast charging application names may sound similar but some of them available in the market are very useful though and in this article, we have collected the 10 best fast charging app for you must try.

1. Battery Turbo – fast charging:

Battery Turbo – fast charging:

Battery turbo is a very useful app if you are ready to reduce your charging time for your device. It helps to optimize your charging time by utilizing settings like brightness, sync function, and Bluetooth, and many more setting options to make your device run faster while at the same time optimizing your battery consumption.

In this app three charging mode has been provided for better battery consumption are as follows:

  • Extreme Mode:-  Helps to optimize battery charge managing recent apps along with brightness, syn function, and Bluetooth settings.
  • Fast Mode:- Helps to optimize only battery charge managing recent apps.
  • Slow Mode:- Helps to optimize charge managing settings only like Bluetooth, syn function, etc.

2.  Fast Charging- Fast Charge:

 Fast Charging- Fast Charge

Fast Charging – Fast Charge, is an application that aims to reduce the time taken for charging your mobile and the real goal is to make your mobile charging fast without any interference with the charger you are using. 

  • This is a kind of Widget so if you want to save your time for charging you will just need to tap on this widget and after that this application guide you to reduce your charging time as the interface of this application is very user-friendly, you will easily understand.
  • Besides the fast charging, this app will also help you by providing information regarding the battery, like the temp of your battery & its voltage, and also guide you if it is healthy to use it.
  • This app enables you to show the list of applications draining your battery and you can also set up an alarm to inform you your charging is complete and mobile is ready to use for a busy day.

3. Fast Charging – Charge Battery Fast

 Fast Charging – Charge Battery Fast

Like other fast charging application its play the same role as fastening your charging speed regardless of the charger you are using to charge your mobile. But what features it includes which makes this application stand out from others are as follows.

  • This application increases the charging speed and battery level by closing all the applications running in the background and slows down your device.
  • This application force stop your mobile connectivity by turning off mobile data and cuts off the connection of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.
  • The interface of this application is very easy to work with you will not face any issue while using it fast time as it will guide you throughout the process and only needs one tap to start.
  • This application consists of various optimization techniques by which you can slow down the RAM and can reduce overheating.

4. Fast Charging Pro ( Speed Up):

Fast Charging Pro ( Speed Up)

Fast Charging Pro is the application that speeds up the charging of your device without reaching harm to your physical Charger. Let’s look the at features this application provides to differentiate itself from other apps.

  • This app detects the apps running in the background and shows a list to you so that you can choose to close the background app that is unnecessary and draining your battery.
  • Besides Closing the background App these apps also take care of the data attached to the app and keep them secure.
  • This app includes features like calculating the exact time of battery draining out and auto-brightness control according to your present circumstances.

5. Ultra Fast Charger : Super Fast Charging

Ultra Fast Charger : Super Fast Charging

As its name says, the Ultrafast charger application optimizes your charging time so nice and quick and it does not affect your physical charger. The features it consists of are as follows-

  • This app mainly focused on speed up your loading time of charging by closing all the unnecessary app running in the background and not affecting the data of apps.
  • It is also responsible for control your mobile brightness and it has special tools for auto-brightness control you just need to tap on the tool and it will control your mobile brightness according to the lighting condition around you.
  • These apps cut off connectivity of mobile data and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to ensure fasten your charging.

6. Charge Battery Fast- Fast Charging:

 Charge Battery Fast- Fast Charging

The main focus of this application is to charge your mobile phone in the minimum time possible and allow yourself to boost your mobile charging by one tap. Let’s look at the features it provides

  • These apps force close all the background running app without hampering any data, that slows down your mobile performance.
  • This app will disconnect the connectivity such as Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth to reduce the charging time.
  •  You can also tap on this app and take the benefits of optimization whenever you feel your mobile performance running slow.

7.  Fast Charging:

Fast Charging

This application will provide you the real benefits of fast charging, thus look at some features of the Fast Charging app:

  • The prime goal of this application is to hold your mobile battery energy as long as it for a day, to make it possible it enables you to see the notification regarding battery health and warmth and the remeaning time your battery left to be power off so that you can optimize your mobile performance.
  • This app helps to boost your RAM performance by closing unnecessary apps running in the background.
  • Regardless of charging you can use this app as an optimizer to boost your mobile performance if you feel your mobile running slow, it has one tap optimizing tools that you need to touch.
  • This app also has the option to send you an alarm when your mobile battery is fully charged.

8. Super Fast Charging – Charge Master 2020:

Super Fast Charging – Charge Master 2020

This app helps to boost your mobile’s battery power and it does not affect your real mobile charger which is very important. Talking about the features it has are as follows

  • These apps claim to reduce your battery charging time and hold your mobile power by 50%.
  • This application will be shown up whenever ever you plug in the mobile charger, as per your wish you can choose the mood of charging.
  • This app also takes care of your RAM performance by closing all the running applications in the background.
  • This app cuts all the connectivity to reduce charging time and also has a one-tap optimization tool to give you the best advantages of this application.

9. Green Battery- Power saver free, CPU Better

Green Battery- Power saver free, CPU Better

Green Battery is an app that helps to optimize your mobile battery consumption and speed up your mobile performance. Let’s look at some stand out features its providing

  • This app is configured to enhance your mobile power feature and its one-touch optimization tools make it easy and quick.
  • This app will provide you information regarding real-time battery health and for how long your mobile battery going to last for the day.
  • By touching its optimization tools, this app force closes all the apps that consuming your battery power and adjust your mobile brightness as per the ambiance to use a minimum of your battery charge.

10. Auto Battey saver:

Auto Battey saver

In all the battery saver apps available in the market this app is probably the new one but you should hesitate to give it a chance because when it comes to saving your battery it performs well and it has many advantages let’s look at it.

  • The first thing to be mentioned is that is a convenient interface that provides the user with a sense of easy handling.
  • This app will provide the full analysis of the apps that are being used in the background thus you can close them by checking their battery uses and can reduce your battery uses.
  • For economically using purposes you can choose between 3 modes of battery optimization in this app providing Regular, Moderate, and Ergonomic.


In this article, we have tried to provide you best to best information regarding power saving app available in the market which can help you reduce your mobile battery power to complete your day to day work. You can go through all the apps given and a link has been provided to download it then choose the right one for your mobile.

The final decision to choose right for your mobile phone is in your hand! Thank you.

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