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A Comprehensive Guide to Convert EXE to APK


There is a myriad of windows games and files that one would want to access on android. Android is, by far, one of the most preferable mobile operating systems after ios. Exe files can’t be accessed in android, so different convertors of exe files to apk can come in handy surely.

The development of thousands of software and tools is being practiced for android and windows. You can choose from a variety of tools that can come in handy for converting exe to apk; we are here talking about the finest ones; hang in a little longer to learn more about them.

Introduction to exe & apk:

Exe file-

the simple definition of exe file or executable file is a computer file that has an encoded set of instructions that allow users to execute directly with one tap. Executable files consist of exe file extension however, there are numerous file formats. Nevertheless, some exe files can be accessed through any compatible system whereas others require a specific program. The higher security consisting files are none other than exe, bat, com, inf, cmd, ipa, osx, run, wsh, and pif. There are numerous ways that you can use to minimize the risk posed by executable files, such as blocking e-mail attachments and taking control over your web browsing activity.

Apk file-

apk is an abbreviation used for an android package kit, also popular as an android application package, a file format used by the android system for distributing and installing applications. The apk file includes all the elements that help in installing the application in your android system without any hassle. Similar to any exe file on windows, apk file on an android device can be easily downloaded on the device. The manual installation of the apk files on the system is known as sideloading.

So, this was a simple introduction to exe as well as apk files for the newbie users for gaining assistance for use.

Methods to convert exe to apk files:

The conversion of the exe files into apk files for gaining access to the android system is important due to some specific elements. There is a myriad of articles that can guide you on how to convert exe to apk files. Among all other methods, we have the top four reliable methods that can surely come in handy for easy conversion of exe programs to apk apps.

What is the requirement of the exe to apk converter?

The use of a computer is not possible to do every time, so a smartphone can come in handy for improving the look of the device considerably. It would be better to rather work on a task on your smartphone than on a laptop or pc. It is not optimal to have app conversion easily, and it can turn out to be problematic for some. However, the convenience of the app conversion is what attracts most people to choose for the procedure of conversion. The ease and convenience are what attracts most people and assist one to work efficiently and better.

Three easy methods to change exe files to apk:

It is not easy to gain direct access to use the .exe file on the android platform as it simply assists it. Simultaneously windows also don’t assist in doing the same job. Hence, a file converter is surely required that does the job of conversion of a file from one to another.

Method I

In the first method, you need a computer, an application you want to convert, and exe to apk converter application. It is suggested to have a good internet connection for speedy download of application on the computer device.  You are required to visit the google play store to download a reliable exe files converter on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the application, start the program further. There are two options provided one is “I have the setup files,” another one is “I have a portable application.” You need to select the second option and click next. You can further browse through the application that you want to covert. Select the app file, and the conversion process will start; however, the process would take some seconds or minutes to complete. Once the conversion gets completed, connect the phone to the laptop and copy the apk file to your android device and further go through the installation process.

Once the installation is completed, you can get access to the exe files by converting them into apk files; conversion is completed.

Method II

In the second method, when you can convert exe files to apk application using a file opener. File openers are specially built to run exe software in the android system. For android phones it can become a great notable file opener for the inno setup extractor. People who are not familiar with windows and android files should ideally choose this method as this is the simplest method of conversion for one. File opener is a direct method for accessing .exe files on android devices.

You can easily download the application from the google play store and browse it on your device. It is easy to start with inno setup extractor and browse files for.exe file and finally run the software with apps. With the help of an extractor, you are able to extract the file to your phone and gain easy accessibility of the files. You can extract the .exe file using this extractor and use the files accordingly.

Method III

When you run .exe files using the dox box app, conversion of the files becomes even easier. The use of dox is popular among the users for the conversion of the files for years. People who get sick of the old windows consider using the application on dox. However, dox developers have provided dox box apps on the google play store; the application is well popular as afreebox.

Henceforth, these are some great methods that you can choose for the conversion of exe files to apk files without much hassle. It is a perfect idea for one to choose the most appropriate method for the conversion process for their device. 

The final verdict:

From the details mentioned above, we can say that using the methods above; one can easily convert exe software to apk apps for easy accessibility of multiple applications. In addition, one should understand that not every exe software or applications are accessible for android. Nevertheless, you need to check for the phone and its features to know which convertor is appropriate for your android system. We hope the details mentioned above make sense to you in learning about the easy conversion of exe files to apk application.

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